Mike Mayberry

Michael Donovan Mayberry
6/4/1952 to 11/22/2022 (aged 70)

Michael Mayberry was born in Las Vegas to Helen and George Mayberry on June 4, 1952. He graduated from Bishop Gorman high school in 1970 before attending UNLV where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice.

He joined the Henderson Police Department in 1976, and dedicated his life to the department for the next 29 years. He rose through the ranks starting out as a patrol officer, a field training officer, a detective, a night watch commander, and many other positions ultimately becoming the Chief in 1999.

He remained the Chief until his retirement in 2005. He was appointed to Nevada’s very first Homeland Security Commission, and played an integral part of homeland security in Nevada in the trying times after 9/11. During his time with the police department he was very passionate about being engaged with the community. He was involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Boys and Girls Club, and very active in his local church. He was a pillar of the community for many years. He is survived by his wife, Beth, his sons, Randy and Nicolas, his daughter-in-law Sara, his daughter Sarah, his granddaughter Hayden, and his siblings Margy, Terry, and Randy. He was a husband, a father, a brother, and a friend. He will be missed by many, and the hole his absence has left in many people’s lives will never be filled.

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Retired Henderson police Chief Michael Mayberry has died, the department announced on Sunday.

Dignity Memorial
Michael Donovan Mayberry was born in Las Vegas to Helen and George Mayberry on June 4, 1952

ST ANN SCHOOL 1966 Graduation Picture
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Officer Mayberry In Action

Many years ago, I was on my way out to the lake towing a boat. I took the Las Vegas Wash road and a guy hit me driving on the wrong side of the road. My car and boat had very little damage, however the car of the guy who hit me had all the damage and I thought he looked injured. I called the police and Mike Mayberry and Tommy Burns arrived! I really was relieved when those 2 got out of their car because I just wanted to get to the lake. I’ll never forget the smiles on their faces! While we were having a nice visit I mentioned the injured man in the other car and Mike said he’ll be alright we’ll get to him, I rarely get to see you! As it turns out they knew the wrong way driver, a regular customer. Mike always had a great smile and funny stories to share with me.

~Jeanne Foley Clarke, Class of 1970~

To some of us he was a Brother

It is worth noting Mike's commitment to Public Safety. His avocation to this cause served him nobly over 25 years. To some of us he was a Brother. Like several other classmates to our class of 1970 we shared a common calling as first responders. There is a creed we lived by and it goes like this:

"I am America's first line of defense, I am the bulwark of American Democracy, I am an American Police Officer"

Job well done my brother, dispatch has cleared you secure and you have completed your service.

God Bless the Mayberry Family....

~Louie Kalish~