Where’s Waldo

Help Find Missing Classmates!

We have classmates that have been missing for years and we can't seem to find them (I know what you're thinking, some of them don't want to be found). We also have classmates that don't even know they are lost. They have moved, changed their email or other contact info and they don't know we are trying to find them!

Jef Benedetti has been kind enough to kind enough to head up our missing classmates search team. If you have any information on the missing or would like to help Jef please drop him a note by filling out our Contact Us form.

Here is the latest list of folks we can't find. Good Luck!


Dave Court




Pauline Dawkins




Linda Huntley - McKeag




Debbie Nelson - Diamond




Mike Peterson




Tom Rogers




Becky Saxton




Mark Sweeney




Bob Thomas




Jack Welch