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Our 50 Year reunion is back on track! We’re back to making plans and maximizing attendance to all Homecoming festivities AND… <More>


Dates for Registration will be announced this winter. In the meantime make sure we have your correct information on file… <More>

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Updated 5/14/21

Good things come to those who wait and wait and wait. It's official Homecoming Weekend will take place:

October 14-17 2021

If you plan to attend please go to our Registration Page and update your contact information.


Reunion Biographies

Miriam Cote

MIRIAM COTE – BABB REUNION BIOGRAPHY I attended St. Anne’s 2 thru 8 and moved on to Gorman.  I got a place in St. Anne’s because another student had moved to New Mexico, named Bill Nolan.  Fortunately, his family came back; I think it was in 4th grade. Those must be some of the most […]

Robin Coleman

ROBIN COLEMAN’S REUNION BIOGRAPHY Hi Everyone, Was born in San Diego, Ca to a Military family. The old timers called it “The Village” when they heard it. My grandparents plus their family members were Navy people, but my grandfather served both Navy & Marines (during WWII). He was stationed in the Panama Canal area and […]

Shannon King

SHANNON KING WARD’S REUNION BIOGRAPHY It was 1970 and Kathy Drago and I were off to UNR to start the party. We had a great time in Reno, maybe too much fun. Kathy studied Art and I did some theater until I realized that I would have to get a job after I graduated. I changed my […]

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