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Our 50 Year reunion is going through a roller coaster of changes. We are now planning on attending our 2020 Homecoming festivities AND… <More>


Dates for Registration will be announced this winter. In the meantime make sure we have your correct information on file… <More>

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Updated 3/1/21

As the new normal continues, and with a little luck, it looks like our official 50th reunion will take place during the 2021 Homecoming Weekend (usually the first weekend in October) If you have any questions or comments please  Contact Us for further details.


Reunion Biographies

Miriam Cote

MIRIAM COTE – BABB REUNION BIOGRAPHY I attended St. Anne’s 2 thru 8 and moved on to Gorman.  I got a place in St. Anne’s because another student had moved to New Mexico, named Bill Nolan.  Fortunately, his family came back; I think it was in 4th grade. Those must be some of the most […]

Robin Coleman

ROBIN COLEMAN’S REUNION BIOGRAPHY Hi Everyone, Was born in San Diego, Ca to a Military family. The old timers called it “The Village” when they heard it. My grandparents plus their family members were Navy people, but my grandfather served both Navy & Marines (during WWII). He was stationed in the Panama Canal area and […]

Shannon King

SHANNON KING WARD’S REUNION BIOGRAPHY It was 1970 and Kathy Drago and I were off to UNR to start the party. We had a great time in Reno, maybe too much fun. Kathy studied Art and I did some theater until I realized that I would have to get a job after I graduated. I changed my […]

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