Trivia Questions

Zoom Call Trivia Questions

Updated 9/14/2020

Are you ready to have some FUN on our next Reunion Zoom Call?? Check out the trivia questions below and see how many of them you think you can answer. Do you think you have a question that will stump the class? Great, send your question to and we will post it on this page. FYI, if you post a question you will need to be on the Zoom call to ask and answer it.

Feel free to "Phone a Friend" to help you with your question or answer. If you don't have the classmates contact info just send us a note to the link above. We have a lot of updated info, if we don't have what you need we'll do our best to find it.


Senior Year, the elective Creative Writing Class

Submitted by: Michael Rinehart
During our Senior Year, the elective Creative Writing class wrote , produced and performed original short plays. These were presented to the entire student body at a specially scheduled assembly ... in the gymnasium..
The play that I was part of was titled; “Mal Agua Mexico”. It dealt with a relatively rough yet humorous (Read Entire Question) 

Who Drove the Studebaker?

This event took place during the Spring of our Senior a year, not more than a few weeks before graduation :
One of our classmates drove his 1963 Studebaker up flush against classroom door , trapping the teacher inside.

Questions :

    1. Which of our classmates was the perpetrator ?
    2. Which teacher was victimized ?


Who Bought Dinner?

Submitted by: Patrick Breen
In the fall of 1968 the football team traveled to Reno to play Bishop Manogue. Who's dad paid for the pre-game meal for the entire team?
What was his first name?


The Last Bonfire

Submitted by: Mark Reasbeck

BGHS was the last class allowed  (by city permit) to have a Homecoming Bonfire. I was part of the “collection” brigade and used a borrowed flatbed truck from Rocky Mountain Produce.  I wanted something special for the Bonfire:

What was that special item?

Where did it come from?

And where was the Bonfire?

A clue, a “gun” was involved.

BGHS Basketball Gym

I believe we were Juniors at the time.
To my knowledge , it’s the only time it happened while we were at school.
It happened in the BGHS Basketball gym.

What happened?

and who was the visiting team?

"Hey Joe"

Music was a very important part of our lives in High school. Radio, Records & 8-Tracks. During the summers there were parties all over town, between the BGHS kids and Valley H/S there was always something to do with LIVE Bands!!! (Guaranteed to hear the song “Hey Joe”) There was a place downtown that had bands playing and H/S kids could hang out there.

What was the name of the venue?

Where was it located?

Underground Music

Continuing on a music Theme, what was the first radio station to play “underground” music.

What was the call letters of that station?

(Hint : it was from Henderson)

What would a 70's trivia night be without a question about "The Mob"?

A notorious “mob guy” owned one of the favorite fast food joints.

Who was that guy?

What was the store name?

Kool Kars

We had some Kool kars in our graduating class. Some muscle cars, beaters, Daddy’s car, and odds ‘n ends. One of our  class mates was showing off in the parking lot, got a little out of control and hit a speed bump just right and the rear engine dropped down on the asphalt.

Who Be that guy?

What Kind of car?

Bonus:  What color was it?

Cheep Beer?

Submitted by: Phil Campbell

Where could one find the best beer at the least expensive cost?



Submitted by: Jeanne Foley-Clarke

Name 2 of the 3 trusted Sodality girls who were caught practicing their cheerleader/ Precisionaire tryout moves in the chapel rather than cleaning it.

And who caught them but did not tell Sister Mary Duane because he taught their language classes?

Sister Eugene's Dune Buggy

Submitted by: Ann DiIorio-Stephen

Senior year - Who were the two classmates that "hijacked" the bus that was taking us back to school from the Test Site tour? (I think it was the Test Site tour......??)

Junior year - Who was the student who one day gave Sister Eugene a ride home in her dune buggy?  This student had forgot to remove the passenger seat the night before and it had rained, making the seat drenched with water.   When Sister got out of the car, her "back side" was soaking wet.  (Hint:  She was the last student Sister Eugene yelled out before Sister stormed out of the room, never to be seen again.)

Senior year - What was the name of our Senior Class play?