You would think ….

That B.G.H.S. graduates could count forward accurately from 1970 , 50 years and have a big celebration in 2020 ,, however…. Yes , something strange and unprecedented about 2020 :

Michael RINEHART …. August 20, 2021 ,,,, Gig Harbor, WA.

It’s remarkable , virtually unbelievable that I became acquainted with all of you more than 50 years ago … Agreed ???

Pre-B.G.H.S. , I attended all of my grade school years in South Florida , only moving to Las Vegas a few short weeks before the start of our Freshman year….  Culture shock , I recall arriving onto campus that first day wearing Bass Weejuns , (penny loafers) while all of my B.G.H.S. male classmates were wearing wingtips , oh dread !  I recall telling my folks ; “We need to go shopping , fast” !

Among my earliest B.G.H.S. memories :

As I said , I was just trying to settle in , make new acquaintances at B.G.H.S. ,,, and …

My (our) 9th grade World History teacher , Mr. Basovsky called me up after class. I will never forget, being terrified of this man ; “We’re recruiting lightweights and I understand you know a bit about wrestling”. “No sir , I don’t know anything about that” !  Mr. Basovsky. ;“I said , I understand you know something about wrestling , we practice after school across the street in that former chapel , Ryan Hall” !  Yes , Rudy was assistant wrestling coach with Mr. Ken Roos.

In the spring, Mr. B. again, being assistant track coach ; “I understand you are a pretty good sprint runner”. “Maybe so , Mr. Basovsky but I’ve promised Father McCarthy I would turn out for golf”.  That got me off the hook !

I have countless rich memories from my High School years and remain keenly excited to see many of you in a matter of weeks , finally at “reunion 50” !  Especially those whom I’ve not been fortunate to keep in contact with all of these years !

Brian Martinet, Mike Presley, John Morse, Dale Tabat, Mike RinehartI have been moderately successful to stay in touch with some , but ah , so many more  I wish to properly re-acquaint !

Some latter B.G.H.S. recollections :

Looking at my 11th grade yearbook , Gabe Manuel signs ; “To my buddy , Mike who will break my leg if I tell him to” !

The joy of feeling the approaching H.S. finish line , particularly our Senior Class Play !

The camaraderie with my athletic teammates and coaches !

Some very influential teachers who inspired me !

So many dear and trusted friends , and would be remiss not to mention so many of my friends’ parents that were , too very impactful in my life !

After High School :  The Early 1970s :

One academic year at U.N.L.V. ,,, some college acclimation and studying and playing on the Collegiate golf team.

Then off to Arizona State University the following year to pursue and eventually complete a B.S. in Aeronautical Technology. Several BGHS classmates shared this time in Tempe , Mike Callahan , Bob Plappert , John Morse , Dan Spence , Jim Robichaud  .. Recalling , also , many other Gorman classmates who came down for visits with us during those years.  Apparently , just something attractive about visiting A.S.U. , in case something interesting might be taking place !! ?

I met a newly graduated R.N. , recently relocated to Arizona from Minnesota , Sally Olson. She literally knocked me off my pins. WOW … That was the most fortunate break in my life to that point.

New Chapter : Post college , Career beginning , Early married life (mid-1970s) :

I began my flying career operating aircraft for The Mayo Clinic in Sally’s home territory , Minnesota. I learned a great deal about flying , executing Air Ambulance missions and shuttling Mayo personnel around to other branch clinics around the Midwest.  Part of the “paying dues in the flying business” , building quality air time in addition to the F.A.A. certifications to be competitive for an major airline job.

Sally & I were married on May 24, 1975 at her college chapel , Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, MN. Father McCarthy and Sally’s College Chaplin Reverend  Elvee officiated , Mr. Basovsky was not invited as I recall !  Mike Callahan and Mike McKinley were there “on the team” to keep me in line !

April 24, 1978 , I was hired as a pilot for Braniff International … Well , that was a dream come true as Braniff is whom my father, Jack RINEHART flew for , it was “in my blood” so to speak.  Additionally , Braniff had a Minneapolis domicile so my career path seemed so very well set at age 25. The flying profession really did fulfill me and turned out to be a most favorable choice. I can think of no other job , for myself with such a rich combination of being cognitively challenging and just plain FUN to do !

Into the early 1980s :

January 29, 1980 our first daughter was born , Maureen Ann. She’s our “Minnesota girl” !

May 12, 1982 , Braniff filed bankruptcy and my career and our young family was faced with a re-set. Sally was accepted into the Registered Nurse Anesthesia program through Mayo and virtually simultaneously I was offered a job at Alaska Airlines in Seattle,  WA, starting on April 27, 1983. I remain regretful to this day that Sally “had to” pass on this excellent opportunity in the medical field !  She’s a remarkably bright woman , should have been an M.D. , truth be told.  However … in the end ,, Westward , we went. We had invested much in my career progression and I still had wings to be exercised !

The ensuing “maturing” years :

A 34 year stint with Alaska was sprinkled with ….

Our second daughter , Stephanie Ann was born on May 16, 1986.

We continued to live in what we’ve discovered a wonderful community , Gig Harbor aside from a single year living in Anchorage , AK in 1987.

We moved a few times within Gig Harbor , having two homes built along the way.

Enjoying activities with our friends ; tennis , golf , alpine skiing , outings with our kids.

Sharing our daughters’ activities , for Maureen .. musical theatre & equestrian , for Stephanie .. team sports , particularly softball which she pursued through her collegiate ball experience.

Approaching the  retirement chapter :

I stumbled upon a new , later in life hobby.  I was hooked upon the joy of singing a cappella in the barbershop style 15 years ago.  Grown men should not be allowed such fun !

We purchased a “winter home” in Anthem, AZ in 2012.


Our younger daughter , Stephanie was married in 2013.

My retirement from Alaska Airlines was in 2017.


Our older daughter , Maureen delivered our first grandbaby in January, 2020 , Louisa Marie.

Now , presto , just like that , we are in 2021 !
So, as I re-cap :

I am blessed with a wonderful family ..

We  have 2 lovely daughters ..

And a precious granddaughter ..

Sally & I enjoying our lives together well into our 47th year ..

I had a fun and rewarding flying career ..

We have lived in some wonderful parts of this country ….

Tracing way back , I am thankful for my H.S. years at Bishop Gorman.

Truly , no regrets , I have been blessed for sure !

Now to meet , reminisce , laugh, and catch up …
…. been waiting 50 years for a party of this worth
,, ,,, .. or is it 51 ?
“Old Friends Are The Best Friends” !


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