Lou Kalish


After capturing a few elusive degrees from UNLV, I rode out of the desert in 76 on a horse with no name (actually it was a Ford).  Took the Ventura Highway in the sunshine where the days are longer to the coast and a new career.  Met a Surfer Girl that made my heart come all undone whose eyes were sapphire blue.  She graced me with her heart and soul for whatever reason, I still don’t know, (Debbie had dated Kevin Costner in high school and this I can validate).

She accepted my offer and gave me a life one only hopes for.  Blessed us with two sons who work today in Social Services, one with Cal Vet’s the other Probation.  We moved North where the hills are winter green and said Adios to the red orange sunsets of So Cal.  We were once safe and warm in L. A. But now we live near the Bay where we go to watch the tide roll away. Our little town and Gorman  days still linger and move along the backroads by the rivers of my mind.  I am older now than I once was  but younger than I’ll be, I am a long way gone, down this wild road I have been on, It will take to me where I am bound, but it is a long way around…..Louie K.  ( the author scripted this essay on facts of his life set to some lyrics of musicians of our era guess all 10 songs and I will treat you to lunch and maybe a bottle of Borsacks wine)



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