50th Reunion Plans

We Finally Made It!

Greetings Classmates!

It's been a long, but interesting struggle. Starting with that pesky pandemic and then having to wait a year until the planets aligned so we could reschedule. Well, the waiting is over and it's time for the fun to begin.

As most of you already know our reunion is scheduled for Thursday October 14 thru Sunday October 17, 2021. What you may not know is that we have a theme for our 50th reunion.

That's right we are having an All-Downtown Reunion! We're starting at Atomic Liquors on Thursday night, then we'll be at Bishop Gorman (okay that's not downtown) Friday night and we'll be winding things up on Saturday night at the one and only Mob Museum. For more in-depth information on our venues click here.

But Wait, There's More!

Our reunion has been planned to be 100% WALKABLE! That's right, once you get downtown both of the venues are a few minutes' walk from our reunion headquarters, The El Cortez Hotel and Casino. AND a bus is being provided to take us to the game! Don't like to walk, no worries, click here for transportation options.

How Could This Get Any Better??? (Read On)

Let's make this a Downtown Reunion For LOCALS and Out of Towners! You've heard of "Stay-cations" Well let's have a "Stay-reunion" The El Cortez has plenty of rooms so why not come on down and park your car in the hotel garage for the weekend. Think of it, no driving back and forth, being able to spend more time with your classmates AND not having to worry about that last adult beverage on the way home...

Downtown has profoundly changed. If you haven't been on "East Fremont Street" lately you wouldn't recognize it. It all tree lined from Las Vegas Blvd to 10th Street. There are lots of new shops and restaurants between the El Cortez and the Fremont Street Experience.



Looking For More Details?

We Thought you'd never ask. Below you will find lots of general information on our reunion along with links to pages and sites that will give you more in-depth information. If anything isn't clear or if you have questions please use the Contact Us form and we promise to get back to you asap.

Quick Links


Hotel Reservations



Venue Information


How do I register for this extravaganza? 

All you need to do is click here to go to our registration page. Then fill out the registration form and follow the instructions on how to send in your payment.

Speaking of Payments, what's this going to cost?

You will be happy to know (I hope) that we are charging the same amount we did for our 40th reunion, $125 per person. Wait What? How can you do that, Nothing is the same price as it was 11 years ago! Yes, you are correct, however with some first class negotiating, arm twisting, and donations from some very generous classmates were able to keep the cost as affordable as possible.

What are we going to do for FOUR Days?

HAVE FUN, Meet Old Classmates, Rekindle Past Relationships! Oh, you mean what are we going to DO. Click Here for a full itinerary. Keep in mind that some of the information will change as we get closer to the reunion. Make sure you check back regularly to see what's changed.

I know this is supposed to be a "Walking Reunion" 

But what if I'm not crazy about walking or my feet get sore from having so much fun? Glad you asked. Here are some options for getting around downtown and from the airport.

This all sound GREAT, How can I reserve a room at the El Cortez?

More good news. The El Cortez has recently (last year) remodeled 200 of their tower rooms and they are GREAT. We were given a tour by the COO and General Partner Mike Nolan (Gorman class of '73). Go to our Hotel Reservations Page for all the details on registering.

The deadline for reserving your room is September 1, 2021 (extended to September 14th). Don't forget to make your reservations EARLY!

Reservation Operators are very knowledgeable and should be able to answer any questions you might have. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

It's been a tough year, any chance there are some scholarships available?

YES! Keeping in mind that this is our 50th Reunion, our goal is to make sure no one is unable to attend because of affordability. That being said, there are several classmates that have graciously committed to ensure "scholarships" are available for those who need them. All inquiries will be strictly confidential. All anyone who is interested needs to do is contact Patrick or Dan and we will work out the details.