Mary Fitzpatrick


It will be wonderful to get in touch with classmates again for our reunion. Fifty years sounds like a long time when you are eighteen, going off to college or a job, and certainly knowing all there is to know.

Since 1970, I have humbly become educated about all I do not know. That was encouraged by thirty years in education, most of it spent in high schools with 14-18 year old students who reminded me daily about how much I loved my time at BGHS.  However, retiring as Principal of San Marino High School in July of 2017 was a very happy day and I’m enjoying every minute of it!


2 thoughts on “Mary Fitzpatrick

  1. Hi Mary, I love when you guys lived across the street from us. I remember when mom went to the hospital and your sweet mom made me Chicken N dumplings. I had never had them before and I’ve never had them since. They were delicious. I remember sitting in your room and making up dances. I also remember having a crush on your neighbor that gorgeous young guy that was so nice to us young girls. I love your sister Marty she was so cool. I have many many memories of being your friend has a very young girl

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